Actim® PROM test

Premature water breaking can easily be detected with a rapid test.


It is important to identify water breaking or dripping so that both the mother and baby get the best possible care immediately. The Actim PROM test makes getting the right diagnosis easier. Medix Biochemica’s Actim PROM is the world’s first reliable test developed for detecting premature rupture of membranes, and is still considered the most reliable test on the market.

How does Actim PROM work?

During pregnancy the uterine tissue produces IGFBP-1 protein, which isn’t normally present in the vagina. However, there is plenty of this protein in amniotic fluid. After the rupture of fetal membranes, amniotic fluid containing the protein leaks into the vagina. The Actim PROM test measures the concentration of this protein in the vagina.

The Actim PROM test detects even small amounts of amniotic fluid. The sample is taken with a polyester swab by a doctor, nurse or midwife. The dipstick test is very easy to do and the results are ready in five minutes. Semen, lubricants, blood, medicine or body wash don’t affect the test result. That’s why Actim PROM is a proven, reliable way to detect water breaking at any stage of pregnancy.

Actim PROM 10 test kit 2019