Actim® Partus test

A quick and easy test can reliably rule out the risk of premature birth.


Most expectant mothers experience contractions during pregnancy, but only 10 percent are at elevated risk of premature birth. Identifying a genuine risk is important in order to prepare the mother and baby for premature delivery if necessary. Actim Partus is a domestically produced rapid test that helps identify mothers in need of urgent care quickly and reliably.

How does Actim Partus work?

During pregnancy, the uterine tissue produces a protein that can indicate approaching birth. If there is a risk of premature birth, contractions cause the fetal membrane layers to separate from each other and the amount of protein in the cervix increases. Actim Partus measures the amount of this birth-anticipating protein from a cotton swab sample taken by the doctor.

The test is very simple and safe to do. You don’t need to prepare for the test beforehand, and semen, urine, vaginal discharge, lubricants or body wash don’t affect the test result. The test can be used from the 22nd week of pregnancy onwards. The result is confirmed in five minutes. A negative test result indicates that the risk of premature birth is very low.

Actim Partus 10 test kit 2019